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How Plant-lined Sidewalks Can Help your Neighbors

How Plant-lined Sidewalks Can Help your Neighbors

Urban landscaping, better known as Sidewalk landscaping is a simple, inexpensive and intelligent approach to street improvement. It’s a concept of plant-lining the sidewalks of your property. Not only such sidewalks look appealing but also provide habitat for birds and butterflies; reduce stormwater runoff; improve neighborhood livability as well as maximizes property values. Today, almost all of the sidewalk builders and contractors, individual residents and property owners are opting for Plant-lined sidewalks. Why? Here are some of the reasons.

Efficient Water management.

Plant lined Sidewalk provides an efficient channel for water management. Let it be excessive rainfalls, water drainage issues in your area; plant-lined sidewalks can efficiently reduce the risk of flooding. Consequently, making the surface your sidewalks more durable, and everlasting.

Create safer walking environments.

Through forming and framing visual walls and providing distinct edges to sidewalks, the plant-lined sidewalk can create safer walking environments. Not only they would give a sense of better understanding to the pedestrians but also the motorists/drivers would better distinguish between sharp edges, blind corners. Therefore, minimizing the risk of injuries.

Active use of space.

Sidewalks possess plenty of free space around its borders. Hence, opting for plant-lining just along the cobblestone bordering of the sidewalk is a smart move. You can use various seasonal flowers or even all-season plants to fill the empty space. Ultimately, enhancing the beauty of your sidewalk.

Encourages walking.

Streets and sidewalks ordinarily make up most of the public space in urban communities e.g. 70% in NYC alone. So, what’s the best way to make these public regions progressively walkable? Landscaping and public art! With plant-lined sidewalks, individuals can also contribute to this exceptional cause. Therefore, encouraging people to walk around the town rather than driving.

Drives more customers and tourists.

In commercial regions, decorative landscapes, creative use of technologies and effective advertisement are the only way to attract people. Especially, tourists. So, plant-lined sidewalks remain a major contributor to it.

Protection from Intense Weather conditions.

Harsh Sunlight, Heavy Rainfalls, Snow accumulation – all of these are among the major causes of sidewalk breakage. So, how to avoid them? Well, Plant lined sidewalk is the best option. Such plant-lining provides shade to the sidewalk, drains excessive water and can minimize snow damages. Consequently, making your sidewalk weather-resistant to ensure long-lasting durability.

Promotes a healthy environment.

Considering global warming and environmental degradation, planting trees and flowers has become a necessity. And the best way to contribute to this noble cause is by having plant-lined sidewalks.

An enhanced lifetime of Sidewalk.

Pants and trees enhance the soil rigidity. Therefore, there are lesser chances of soil erosion around the plant-lined sidewalk. Consequently, an enhanced lifetime of Sidewalks with least repairing needs.

At New York City Sidewalk Repair Professionals, we can provide you with reliable plant-lining of the sidewalk. So, contact us today and have your ordinary sidewalk renovated and converted to form the best-looking plant-lined sidewalk in your neighborhood.

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