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What is Sidewalk Violation Nyc and How to Remove it?

What is Sidewalk Violation Nyc and How to Remove it?

Sidewalk Violation is a legal notice that gets issued by the DOT (Department of Transportation) if your property’s sidewalk is defective in any form. Let it be unevenness of the sidewalks; cracks, gouges, and slits in the surface or broken sidewalk slabs, all of these can result in the issuance of Sidewalk Violation.

Associated liabilities.

If you are a resident of NYC, repairing, construction and renovation of your property’s sidewalk is your duty. In short, a property owner has to bear all the expenses of its maintenance. Otherwise, Sidewalk Violation notice gets issued.

Usually, there is no plenty or fine associated with it. However, if your sidewalk is not repaired within 75 days from the issuance of the notice, DOT will hire a contractor to do the restoration work. Consequently, the Department of Finance will bill the property owner the total cost of repairing that he/she is liable to pay.

What defects cause Sidewalk Violation?

1. Damage caused by tree roots.

If the damage inflicted on your sidewalk is due to tree roots, the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) remains responsible to repair it at no cost to you under their Tree and Sidewalks program.

2. General Repairing work that is due.

If your property’s sidewalk has irregularities in it; settling of the slabs, cracks on the surface or entirely broken sidewalk portions, it remains advised to perform the repairing work immediately. If not, Sidewalk Violation notice is the consequence of it.

3. Defective Curbs.

If your sidewalk has defective curbs, usually a property owner is encouraged to repair or replace them. On the other hand, DOT may also provide appropriate services for it with no liability/cost to you.

4. Problems that are caused by others.

If your sidewalk gets damaged by a third party i.e. public or any other contractor, legally, you can contact the person and have it to compensate for the damage. For other companies, claims should be filed within their respective departments.

How to remove Sidewalk Violation?

  • Hire a contractor for the restoration Work.

The minute you get issued a Sidewalk Violation notice, contact a contractor for its removal through repairing work. Legally, only certified contractors are allowed to do the repairing work for sidewalks. Top Rated Sidewalk Repair Professionals  having the ideal expertise for it remains your one-stop solution!

  • Request a re-inspection of the property.

When the renovation of the sidewalk completes, the next step is to request a re-inspection by an authorized person of DOT. In this regard, both the property owner and the contractor can contact relevant authorities and thus have Sidewalk Violation removed.

Sometimes, Sidewalk Violation can also result due to human error or confusion. That means, exceptions are only available by DOT if the notice gets delivered to the wrong address. So, if you are given a Sidewalk Violation, it remains advised to first validate the authenticity of the notice and then opt for repairing work.

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